Club Tournament Reports

13 Mar 2022

Owen-George Championship

Tom Bomford triumphs for the 6th time in the club singles championship

4 Mar 2022

Amicus Cup (2020)

The 2020 Amicus Cup tournament has finally reached a conclusion.

9 Jan 2022

Garland Cup

The centenary of the clubs oldest competition

18 Dec 2021

Under 21 Trophy

Renewal of the club junior championship

26 Sep 2021

The Ogilby Cup

The seasons first tournament played out with old and ew members

12 Sep 2021

Owen-George Club Championship

A great end to the delayed 2021 club championship sponsored by Blythe Liggins

18 Jul 2021

The Garland Cup

Our first tournament in 16 months and the first on the new court...

15 Mar 2020

Ponsonby Cup

Four pairs took on the challenge on the Ponsonby Cup this year.

15 Mar 2020

Parsons Cup

The higher handicaps singles tournament.

16 Feb 2020

Owen-George Cup

The Blythe Liggins sponsored club championship

16 Feb 2020

Hobson Cup

The doubles tournament for higher handicap players

17 Jan 2020

Amicus Cup Final

The culmination of the season long tournament.

12 Jan 2020

Garland Cup 2020

The Club's oldest competition had something for everyone.

10 Nov 2019

Moreton Shield

28 players turned out to contest the Moreton Shield

3 Nov 2019

National Interclub Tournament

12 teams fought for this year's Interclub title.

29 Sep 2019

Ogilby Cup 2019

The season's 2019 series of tournaments got underway with an entertaining Ogilby Cup.

30 Jun 2019

Dance Cup

A new team event incorporating the Bryant and Prince's Cups

17 Mar 2019

Ponsonby Cup

Doubles tennis without the handicap of high handicaps

17 Mar 2019

Parsons Cup

The Singles Tournament pert of the Sheldon Bosley Knight weekend

3 Feb 2019

Owen-Geoge Cup

Tom Bomford aims for 4 years in a row as Club Champion

3 Feb 2019

Hobson Cup 2019

The tournament for the clubs biggest cup

13 Jan 2019

Garland Cup 2019

Members battled it out for the honour of winning the club's oldest trophy

16 Dec 2018

Lady Hamilton Trophy 2018

The Club's Ladies handicap Championship

15 Dec 2018

Under21 Trophy 2018

The Junior section competed for the Willoughby de broke Trophy

11 Dec 2018

Christmas Triples 2018

The club's premier festive three-a-side tennis competition with arbitrary rules. 

11 Nov 2018

The Moreton Shield

The Club's first singles tournament of the season.

28 Oct 2018

Inter-Club Tournament

The National Inter-Club Tournament saw 10 teams battle it out for the crown.

30 Sep 2018

Ogilby Cup 2018

The Club's first tournament of the new season was a classic. Of sorts

22 Jul 2018

Review of the Season

This first part of our look back at the 2017-2018 season focuses on the MMTCC tournaments

1 Jul 2018

Prince's Cup

The final competition of the season took place in glorious weather and allowed play in the natural light the court was built for.

10 Jun 2018

Bryant Cup

The renewal of the midsummer doubles saw some great play and a clear winner

6 May 2018

Owen-George Trophy

Tom Bomford was aiming to make it 3 club championships in a row.

6 May 2018

Hobson Cup

The club's biggest cup was contested while the better players were playing for the club championship.

4 Feb 2018

Ponsonby Cup

Doubles Handicap Tournament for under 35 handicaps.

4 Feb 2018

Parsons Cup

The Parsons Cup Singles. Could Andrew Jeffrey defend his title?

7 Jan 2018

Garland Cup 2018

The first tournament of 2018 had a full compliment of 32 entries. Could anyone stop Norman Hyde making it three wins in a row?

17 Dec 2017

Lady Hamilton Trophy

There was sibling rivalry and very cold conditions for the ladies to contend with in this year's Lady Hamilton Trophy.

16 Dec 2017

Under 21s Trophy

Would one of the new younger players add their name to the Honours Board?

12 Dec 2017

Xmas Triples 2017

Jumpers, hats and ludicrous trousers with more people on court than makes any sort of sense. It must be the Christmas Triples

29 Oct 2017

National Interclub Tournament 2017

Could the home side find the right tactics as 16 teams gathered for the 34th National Interclub Tournament