Floor Restoration

Our court was built in 1905 by renowned tennis court builder Joseph Bickley for wealthy American businessman Charles Tuller Garland as part of Moreton Hall which was completed 4 years later. Bickley's highly regarded tennis court floor and wall finishes provided a fast and true playing surface.

Our floor is now 115 years old and beginning to show signs of wear and the occasional dodgy bounce. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the floor by patching the cracks and if left untreated the floor could potentially deteriorate further and pose a health and safety risk to players.

it is therefore necessary now to look for a longer term fix for the problem and to restore the floor to its original condition.

Our team at Moreton Morrell started by looking at what makes a Bickley floor the ideal playing surface for tennis by studying the characteristics of our floor and other tennis court floors. We then tested a number of concrete mixes and polishes to identify the most suitable modern equivalent. We believe that we have identified a modern mix and polish that can replicate both the playing characteristics of the original floor and also match its colour so that the restoration will be sympathetic to our historic building and lay a foundation for the next century of tennis.

The floor restoration will cost the club £100,000 which we will meet partly from club funds and national and local grants that we are in the process of securing. We have asked members to help and will be running events to raise funds. These will be re-arranged once the court is open following Covid 19 lockdown. We are also asking for donations from the wider tennis community and from the public,

If you would like to make a donation please contact the club.