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Hobson Cup

With injury preventing last year’s champion Steve Walsh from defending his title alongside son Harry the youngster called in fellow junior member Gus West as partner for this year’s Hobson Cup. The competition is played out by the higher handicap players while the club’s elite fight for the club championship. And with Vaughan Hamilton doing well in that singles tournament Harry and Gus were representing the juniors in the doubles.

Before joining Harry Gus had already been knocked out of the tournament alongside David Aldwinckle by Craig Swallow and Jeremy Hawkins. Craig and Jeremy took their box with a 6-4 win over Gus & David as well as wins over Ian Powell & Guy Mucklow 6-4 and Alan Moug & Peter Lewis 6-5.

Alongside Harry the young pair stormed their group with a 6-2 win over Martin Trees & Steve Watson, a 6-1 victory over David Prophet & Nick Pitts-Tucker and a 6-0 win over George Kruszynskyj & Adam Stokes to set up a semi-final against Keith Beechener & Jon Lambdon.

Their semi-final place had been earned by being undefeated in their group with a 6-5 win over Martin  Harris & David Phillips, 6-3 over Bruce Paxton & Terrence Drane and a 6-4 win over Tony Branfield & Paul Smith.

The semi-final provided the thoughest challenge so far to the youngsters but Beechener and Lambdon couldn’t overcome the handicap difference, energy and mobility of the juniors who prevailed 6-4.

In the other semi-final Trees & Watson qualifying as lucky losers triumphed over Swallow & Hawkins 6-5 setting up a final that was a repeat of the box match which the younger pair had won 6-2.

This time the older heads were able to use their experience to provide a tougher challenge but this weekend was all about the youth and it was the juniors that won out 6-4 to take the title and claim the trophy presented by Sarah Hobson.

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