MMTCC Safeguarding Policy

The Club aims to provide young players under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults with the best possible experience of playing real tennis in a safe, secure and friendly environment by following good safeguarding practice in conjunction with parents, carers, teachers, professional coaches and volunteer assistants. 

The Club is affiliated to the Tennis and Rackets Association, the sport’s governing body, and abides by its ‘Principles of the Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Real Tennis Policy’. (www.

The Club’s guidelines are that:

  • Everyone is treated equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, social status or sexual orientation and it is accepted that everyone has the right to be protected from abuse 
  • All issues and complaints concerning safeguarding players under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults will, initially, be the responsibility of the Club’s Welfare Officer, Mrs. Lynne Hamilton who can be contacted by email on
  • Matters requiring further action will be reported to the Club’s Chairman and Executive Committee who will, if deemed appropriate, seek advice from the Tennis and Rackets Association and national safeguarding policies as an integral part of the disciplinary process 
  • Disciplinary Procedure: the exact nature of the offence will determine the appropriate course of action in any particular situation. All individuals will be treated impartially and no acts of favouritism or discrimination will be permitted.  An individual will render themselves liable to disciplinary action if the Code of Conduct or Prohibited Practice is breached.
  • The Club’s professional coaches receive appropriate safeguarding training as part of their Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPD) as supervised by the Tennis and Rackets Association
  • Professional coaches and volunteer assistants are checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • Professional coaches and volunteer assistants are covered by Public Liability Insurance
  • Communication by text, telephone or email will be made through parents, carers and teachers, NOT directly with the young players and vulnerable adults.
  • A First Aider will be on site during coaching sessions. First Aid boxes are kept up to date and are located by the entrance to the court playing area where a defibrillator is also positioned
  • Accidents will be recorded in the Club’s Accident logbook. The Club’s Accident Procedure Policy is to be found on page 8
  • Coaching sessions will be held with at least one adult per ten young players
  • For those under the age of ten, one of their parents must be present during the coaching session
  • For school group sessions an adult must be present - if not a teacher, someone who has been authorised by the school
  • The Club undertakes to ensure that physical contact with young players and vulnerable adults will only be for the development of real tennis skills, treating or preventing an injury or for safety reasons. On no account should there be any form of inappropriate physical contact by coaches, volunteer assistants or club members
  • Appropriate changing facilities are provided, and young players and vulnerable adults will not be expected to change with adults. Supervision of changing will be made available as appropriate.
  • Photography of young players will be of groups only and if individually, for example of competition winners receiving awards, parental permission will be sought. Photographs of individuals will only be posted on the Club’s website with parental consent
  • The Club’s professionals, volunteer assistants and officers will not be responsible for the provision of transport. When necessary, the car owner will be required to fill in and sign the transport policy statement (page 9)
  • The Club has adopted the Tennis and Rackets Association’s Anti-Bullying Policy (page 5)