Club Match Reports

4 Sep 2022

The Dedanists

The new season kicked of with a visit from the Dedanists

23 Oct 2021

Queen's Club

Moreton headed south for this regular fixture 

17 Oct 2021

Hatfield House

On a busy weekend we had a team travelling to Hatfield House

1 Dec 2019


An expedition to the far east

24 Nov 2019


Moreton Visited Bristol

22 Nov 2019


The mythical Bickley Bowl match

27 Oct 2019


Brigands spent the weekend raiding the West Midlands

26 Oct 2019


Queen’s club were in town for a fun day of tennis.

20 Oct 2019


Hatfield visited Moreton for a close fought club match

14 Apr 2019
10 Feb 2019

Moreton Morrell v The Hamsters

The Hamsters were the visitors to Moreton for this club match

17 Nov 2018

Oxford Ladies v Moreton Morrell

A mix of youth and experience were sent to Oxford to face the University Ladies team.

21 Oct 2018

Hatfield v Moreton Morrell

Moreton sent a team to play on the pink penthouses of Hatfield House

9 Sep 2018


The Dedanists were our first visitors for the new season

19 May 2018

Moreton Morrell v Brigands

The peripatetic Brigands dropped into Moreton Morrell

13 May 2018

Warwickshire Bickley Bowl

Moreton looked to regain the Warwickshire Bickley Bowl under the captaincy of Alastair Robson

10 Mar 2018

Moreton v Seacourt

 A touring team from Seacourt came to Warwickshire

4 Mar 2018
11 Feb 2018

Moreton v Cambridge

Following defeat at Oxford would it be the blues again as Moreton played host to a team from Cambridge?

11 Nov 2017

Bickley Bowl 2017

Could Moreton retain the coveted bowl for a fourth consecutive year?


4 Nov 2017

Queens Club

Moreton played host to The Queen’s Club for an entertaining days tennis.

21 Oct 2017
15 Oct 2017

The Dedanists

The Dedanists send a team to Moreton to complete a weekend of tennis

14 Oct 2017

Jesmond Dene

A team from Jesmond Dene made the trip to South Warwickshire