Restoration Progress

Restoration in Pictures

We invited World Champions Rob & Claire Fahey to test out the restored floor. See their verdict in our latest video.



Here is the time lapse of the lines painting



With the concrete polished it's time to finish the restoration by painting the chase lines.



Here is the 5th Time lapse video showing the polishing stage of the restoration



Our latest video shows the project team cleaning and polishing the newly laid floor


While we wait for the concrete on the floor to cure local artist and court neighbour Jenny Edge has been busy restoring the crowns on the court walls.



More time-lapse footage from the court. Preparing the ground for the concrete and then the pouring and colouring.




Here is the next video in our series detailing the court floor restoration. There's concrete and colour in this one.


Watch the works take place from the dedans with our time-lapse footage





In the second of our video series Project Manager Bruce paxton talks about the work required to understand the nature of the floor and preparing for the restored surface.




Watch the first of our videos on the court floor restoration. In this clip club Chairman Sir Andrew Hamilton talks about the floor and the first 100 years of wear and tear.