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Ponsonby Cup

Two semi-finals were played- the first between fancied pair Tom Bomford and Dr. Lloyd Pettiford and Alan Moug and John Miller. Bomford and Pettiford failed to find any rhythm against the sound serving and retrieving of the M's. In the other match from 0-2 down and the 3-3, Vaughan Hamilton and Martin Trees went  on to take the first set 6/3 against Andrew Hamilton and John Lillie. The latter however, clawed their way back in the second set to win it 6/4 but Vaughan dominated the third set which they snatched 6/4.
The Trees Hamilton pairing controlled the final encouraging their opponents to hit too much onto the roof, never really looking troubled in a well deserved 6/4, 6/4 victory.  
It was a pleasure to welcome former Club Secretary Tony Parsons who looked at 85 much more spritely than many of the weekend's participants! He presented his Cup to Andrew Jeffrey and the Ponsonby to Martin Trees and Vaughan Hamilton after the Chairman had pointed out that 'for his speed of thought and movement, effective decision making, length of serve and shots into the corners ... Vaughan had much to thank Martin Trees for' ....

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