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Parsons Cup

A strong entry of 24 went into battle on Friday afternoon, culminating in a final between James Richardson and David Harris on Sunday afternoon. David Harris’s progress had started on Sunday morning with a gratefully received walkover from Keith Beechener who suffered early fetlock problems. Harris then achieved something few have managed in recent times – a win against the club vintner Mark Savage whose handicap takes a downward dip when playing at MMTCC and rises like a phoenix when playing at Oxford! Next in line was David Phillips who had beaten Terence Drane 5/3, David Harris pipping the gloating Welsh Rugby supporter who had enjoyed the Wales Ireland  match from the halfway line. I personally would prefer to sit in the stand. Anyway the excitement had obviously been too great for him and his chance of muscling onto the Honours Board was torpedoed by a 3/5 defeat at the hands of Harris. James Richardson had a tough battle against an improving Gus West who was bamboozled at times by the Richardson cack-handed serve. Bernie Spratt was the next to fall, his Middlesex Cricket Board sweater failing to raise him to the dizzy heights required. Mat Fattorini was in good form but found James’s at times unconventional style difficult to handle, going down 3/5. In the final, Richardson continued his consistent power play not really allowing David Harris into the game winning 6/2

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