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We are pleased to have a guest match report for the visit of Hatfield from the Hatfield match manager and Moreton Member John Tacchi.

Hatfield took a small, but perfectly formed team of 4 up to Moreton Morrell and enjoyed a day of hard-fought tennis, just going down 3-2 in matches. John Tacchi took the early shift and won against Terence Drane in two sets, despite odds being offered by Tom Granville, the Moreton pro who was marking, AND members of his own team that the match would go to 3 sets. A tough crowd to please this Hatfield group. Next on was James Barlow against David Harris. James took the first but then his opponent began playing out of his skin and starting hitting shots and getting shots back that defied belief. James battled bravely but went down in 3. Nick Pickard looked to regain the advantage against Tony Branfield but lost the first to a strong looking opponent. However Nick ‘did a Pickard’ and got very dogged, chiselling out the second and then running in comfortably in the third. Advantage Hatfield!

Peter Joy came up against Gus West, an 18 year old who had celebrated his 18th the night before at MM and opportunity seemed to knock, Peter winning the first. However the trouble with 18 year olds is that they recover quickly after a big night and Gus took the second. In a nail-biting finals set, Gus just shaded it 6-5. So after a very nice lunch (Bolognese pasta bake, garlic bread, salad and profiteroles) it was down to the doubles and James and Peter took on Tony Branfield and Alastair Robson. I think James was a bit surprised when Peter said he hadn’t really played doubles before and what should he do? Despite brave efforts, Hatfield lost in two and another very pleasant day in the Midlands came to an end.

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