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Queen's Club

Saturday saw 6 Morrellists venture down south to the rarefied W14 stronghold of The Queens Club.

Despite multiple charging points in the car park and Bentleys two-a-penny, Michael Llewelln-Jones and Peter Lewis were not over-awed by the surroundings and powered us into an early lead winning the opening doubles. 1/0

Unfortunately this proved to be the on court highlight for the away team as Queen's match-manager Astrid proved too strong for David Bugge in the 2nd rubber. 1/1

Charlotte Ginman then ground out victory against Michael L-J who despite raising his eyes to the heavens on a regular basis failed to receive the divine intervention that he craved.1/2

The 2nd doubles showcased the youth and vigour of Francesco and Harry who finally prevailed over their more stately opponents, John Franklin and your correspondent, in a closely fought 3 sets. 1/3

The final singles saw Hong-Kong based barrister Sid Yankson despatch Mark Leefe who fought hard before losing in straight sets. 1/4

Thanks are due to Astrid , who hosted us with aplomb, to the Queen's Club marker Neil and to the attentive club caterers who kept refilling the teapots.

Thanks to Bernie Spratt for this match report

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