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Bickley Bowl 2017

For four years we have retained the precious bowl. (well we would actually have our greasy mitts on it if it were not for the dodgy financial dealings of our esteemed Chairman).

Captain Messer finding it hard to match handicaps ended up with a team of Davids!  

 A 3-1 victory on home soil was hard fought and proceedings did not start well with David Aldwinckle playing the ever resilient, lawn tennis playing, Caroline Fox in the Breakfast Match. David suffering from some strange virus all week looked tired in the opening set losing 2-6, he rallied slightly in the second before going down 4-6. 

 1-0   Hardwick.

“David” Messer was next on against Ian Glyn. Messer still reeling from the onslaught of power hitting by Vaughan Hamilton in the Interclub the previous week, was up against similar, but less accurate, tactics. He weathered the storm to win 6-3 6-3. The Dedans commented upon his volleying prowess, however, he was forced to admit that “…he just couldn’t get out of the wat fast enough”.

1-1   all to play for.

Next on court were David Phillips and Johnathan Gillet. Gillet was fast out of the traps rushing to a 4-1 lead in the first set. The delight of non-playing Hardwick Captain could not be contained attempting to convince his counterpart that the Bowl was as good as theirs.  As if by magic David 2 (Phillips) suddenly clicked (or he woke up?) He went on to win the first set without dropping another game. The second set continued as the first ended with David 2 running out 6-4 6-2. 

2-1 Moreton, with one to play.

In true ashes tradition  that meant  that the Bowl would stay with Moreton as with only David (Snowy) Prophet to play a draw would retain the trophy.

We didn’t tell him that.

David 3 was playing another left hander, David Fox (Parents don’t have any original thoughts when naming children it appears!). David (Fox that is) has a lower handicap and was giving 15. Snowy came out all guns blazing following a lunch during which the un-sporting Hardwick supplied him with ample wine. With a 6-1 first set lead  our impartial marker levelled the handicaps!  A different Prophet then lost the second set 5-6 even he admitted he should have seen the game off, but “let things slip”.

Fox won the first game of the decider 3-4, Snowy levelled and Fox won the third. David 3 then won to love to set  up a 5-all thriller. Prophet served immaculately to win without the dreaded 40 all. 

A great day again and the bowl retained. 

Thankyou David Aldwinckle (1) for the commemorative shirts 


David Aldwinckle v Caroline Fox - Lost 2-6 4-6

Tim (David) Messer v Ian Glyn – Won 6-3 6-3

David Phillips v Jonathan Gillet – Won 6-4 6-2

David Prophet v David Fox – Won 6-1 5-6 6-5

Our thanks to Nick for excellent marking.

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