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The Dedanists

The Dedanists were the first visitors to Moreton for the new season. Having taken on Leamington on Saturday they made their way over the M40 for the second half of the Warwickshire Weekend on Sunday. 

This report of the match at Moreton is taken with kind permission from the Dedanists report of the weekend which can be found in full on their website 

The full team, 16 strong, presented to do battle at Moreton. Fortunately, several Dedanists’ could declare dual loyalty and hence play for the home team. Six pairs of doubles were set up with the first commencing at 9.45.  In future, I think that we should encourage starting times at 15, 30 and 40 minutes past the hour!  The trusty pairing of John Yarnall and Peter Mason took to the floor.  John should be commended on bringing his wife, Grace, to the court to celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary. He clearly knows how to give a girl a good time! Spurred on by the great day John peppered the grille/tambour and Peter regained his killer underarm twist after managing back-to-back double faults.  It was a close match but there was enough to overpower John Tacchi and Peter Wilson. Coincidentally and unbeknown to me, it was poetic to learn that Peter Wilson had many years ago introduced John Tacchi to the game so it was great that they could play together. 5:6/6:3/6:3.

Up step Paul Cattermull and Julian Sheraton Davis to play Tony Branfield and the random shot generator Jon Lambdon. It was Paul and Julian’s first time on the new floor and before they could settle in Jon & Tony brought an intensity to the contest forcing little rhythm to be established.  Some back luck and unforced errors, by their high standards, meant they were under pressure.  The opposition had a bisque per set which was excellently called by Tony which resulted in frustration and almost a request for a steward’s enquiry from Paul’s quivering lips which he managed to stifle.  There was a whiff in the air of impending doom. 2:6/3:6.

For the third exchange, Ian Hawkey raced over from LTCC having popped in there for an early successful match representing Prested v Leamington consisting of 3 set warm up.  Liz arrived with Theo, a gorgeous 3 year black Labrador, who did not make a sound, presumably being hypnotized by the scent carried by several canine owners. Across the net stood Michael Llewelyn Jones, playing for Moreton, fresh from a great victory at Leamington and a rejuvenated David Prophet. After losing the first set 6:1 there was a sense of déjà vu. Ian found some extra reserves from the depths of his sturdy legs and Liz continued to brew a mixture of serves. They put up a good fight but sadly came second 1:6/4:6.

Lunch was taken during the fourth game which was between Charles Heaton and Martin Village v Mark Savage and David Aldwincle.  This was always going to be a tough match given that Martin and Charles had never played on the court whilst Mark and David had numerous cunning successes at the club 2:6/4:6.

A score line pattern was beginning to emerge.  What could the M.M. bring to the next match to change matters ……the trusty, nimble and soft hands of Linda Sheraton Davis from R.T.C.  The problems were firstly Bruce Paxton, who had taken on the task of supervising and managing the excellent new floor at Moreton and Martin Harris an ex-South African grade level cricketer. My plan….one large glass of Mark Savages’ first-rate club claret might make the difference.  I didn’t need to persuade myself!  The match was a tough affair and somehow Linda and I secured the first set 6:4, then the inevitable backlash 2:6. Throughout we released the macho hits were not the route to success. Step up the gliding Linda with strong wrists seeing us home to victory. 6:4/2:6/6:3.

Again, down to the last match.  Of course, the unexpected twist in the tail or rather Chris Marguerie twisting his knee as he hastily got out of the car.  Well, you think a rheumatologist would know better. In his stead the eager, dog-loving and enthusiast Charles Heaton for his second match of the day bounced forward.  I think Ian Hawkey might have gone home, no doubt he would have found enough gas in the tank for his third exploit of the day.  The reliable Giles Stogdon and competitive Charles, who reached far and wide with his racquet, could not overcome Paul Smith OKA Pablo the Moreton Bandit and the mercurial Bernie Spratt who were in destructive mode.  6:1/1:6/3:6. The M.M.’s editorial hope of claiming “the Dedanists’ ravage Warwickshire” will have to wait another year.  

Result Dedanists’ 2 MMTCC 4.

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