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Works Begin

Work has started on the court floor restoration making the Court a building site. In addition to current Covid 19 restrictions the court is now also closed to comply with building health and safety regulations. There will be no unauthorised access or visitor parking on-site.  Bruce Paxton who is overseeing the project for the Committee assisted by Simon Hobson will be in attendance on most days managing the work.

In preparation for the start of the heavy works protective boarding has been installed along the main corridor to the court blocking access to all other areas. In addition to this the galleries have been sealed to prevent the escape of dust from the court.

The existing floor will be broken up and removed before the base layer is prepared in readiness for the pouring of the concrete top layer.



It is expected that this phase of works will last for 3 weeks. Once the concrete has been poured it will be left to cure before polishing to restore the original finish.

The final stage of works will then see local artist and neighbour Jenny edge re-paint the floor lines and crowns before the court is re-opened.

We hope to be ready for play again on 5th September.


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