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TVL at Oxford

Our assistant Pro Lloyd provides this match report for our visit to TVL holders and current table toppers Oxford.

My natural paranoia about tardiness was multiplied by the fact that our Vice Chairman Bruce told me he had to be away by 1pm latest. That meant Craig Swallow and I had to be on court punctually at 10.30 and so we arrived while it was still dark. Maybe I exaggerate slightly but our build up was not hurried by any stretch of the imagination and neither were we, as we raced into a 0-4 deficit in about 10 minutes. However, inspired by supporters (Paxton/Branfield) we recovered, took the first set from 5-5, 40-40 and the second 6-2.
Inspired by this MMTCC went on a run of losing 19 consecutive games! Paxton/Branfield were 1-0 up and lost 1-6, 0-6 and Beechener/Lambdon were 0-6, 0-1 down. But, it only takes a fine calibration of Lambdon’s patent “random shot generator” to switch a game in seconds. And so it was here, as he mixed quality amateur dramatics with unfeasible hitting. Ably assisted by Beechener’s acerbic wit, the team went on to triumph 0/6 6/5 6/3 to give MMTCC a 2-1 lead.
With no sign of opponents for Spratt/Robson, at that point I had to leave. Given our efforts at punctuality earlier in the day it was disappointing not only to hear that our boys had taken one hell of a beating, but also that they had to wait a considerable time for the privilege. Thanks all for making the journey and playing in yet another noble but fruitless campaign.
Final score: OUTC 2-2 MMTCC (OUTC win 5-4 on sets)

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