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National League Div 8 v Leamington

Leamington completed a whitewash over Moreton in this return fixture by taking the tie 3-0 once again. However, once again the scores do not reflect the contest in its entirety. All three Leamington players entered the match with superior handicaps and would be expected to win. Andy Dalton fought a brave first set for the home side against Henry Bryan who had to borrow a pair of tennis shoes in order to play, but was edged out 4-6. In the second set Bryan was more sure-footed and after some early tight games took the set 2-6. In the second rubber Jonny Miller battled courageously through numerous 40-40 deuce scores in most games against Simon Gill but often came out in second place. At 1-1 in the second set Jonny had several chances in a 15 minute game to take a lead but was overcome and eventually lost the match 2-6, 2-6. A typically gritty game from Gill deserved the win. In the final rubber John Murphy set a blistering pace throughout but was more than matched by Paul Brennan. Again the match had its share of deuces but again the edge was with Leamington and Brennan took the tie 3-6, 2-6 and the match 0-3 to Leamington. Moreton are now in the lower half of the table but have three matches remaining.

Next match is away at Newmarket on Saturday 10th February.

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