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Hazard Chase!

The club was at the end of a Hazard Chase of a different kind on Saturday morning when a van tore up the drive and onto the bank where it got stuck, pursued by a solitary policemen in a police car. The siren was blaring. The policeman leapt out and tackled one of two young men disgorged by the van to the astonishment of onlookers The Hon. Sec. and Steve the Tree Surgeon who, up until that point, had been discussing the fate of the cedar tree.

As the other reprobate attempted to escape over the hedge, Steve shouted out that he was a retired policeman (Special Branch?) and brought him crashing to ground. The Hon. Sec was asked to turn off the siren, but a cluttered dashboard proved an IQ test too far. Not to be left out or possibly confused for one of the miscreants The Hon.Sec. settled for recording the unfolding events with his telephone's camera and we thank him for that.


Meanwhile a police helicopter was whirring above the action; five police cars no less then roared in to help their colleague! So what on earth was all that about? The Police believe the two men had stolen the van in Oxford and had been in pursuit along the M40, coming off at Exit 13 proceeding to sleepy Moreton Morrell and its secluded tennis court.

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