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Covid Update

The Situation

The government has relaxed the mandatory rules around Covid-19, from the 19th of July. Unfortunately, locally the number of new cases has increased by 30% in the last few days. The number of double-vaccinated cases now exceeds the unvaccinated cases. We expect the cases to double every 10 days for at least 6 weeks and probably longer. To put this in perspective the peak infection rates during the last second wave peaked at around 70,000 per day, we are currently at 45,000.


Vaccination confers substantial protection from severe illness with the dominant Delta variant, but a double vaccinated person exposed to an individual who is shedding significant Covid-19 still has a 1:5 chance of contracting an infection and if they do will give it to two people on average. Only a small number will need hospital admission, but they may still become unwell and are at risk of long Covid. The peak is likely to be in September with a relatively quick reduction as herd immunity in the unvaccinated climbs, followed by a long tail ending around this time next year.

Club Protocol

To protect our members and professionals we should continue with the current rules, with some modification. We should wear masks inside the club unless sat down with a drink (socially distanced) or playing on the court. If you wish to coach or play with an unvaccinated player, my advice is the ask for a negative lateral flow test, obtained on that day. Once the numbers of daily infections drops we will revisit this advice.  I am happy to speak to members if more detail is required.


Dr Chris Marguerie

MMTCC Covid Officer

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